Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episodes 7 and 8 Give Fans More of What They Want

The conclusion to the Scorpion/Sorta Sub-Zero two part Mortal Kombat: Legacy episode came to a close yesterday, and for the first time I feel like the creators nailed what MK fans have been looking for since the trailer debuted over a year ago.  I loved how these two episodes took an in-depth look at how Scorpion became the Nether Realm fighter that he is, and how this once honorable Samurai was deceived to do so.  Let’s just say that there’s a twist that you won’t see coming until the very end.

The two episodes provide a fresh take on everyone’s favorite fire breathing fighter, and by the end you’ll have a new sense of appreciation for Scorpion’s motivations in the Mortal Kombat Tournament.  He’s given a human side that has never been seen before in the Mortal Kombat entertainment suite, and he is portrayed more as a tragic hero than some blood thirsty killing machine hell bent on revenge.  Scorpion really was a human at some point in time!

Scorpion Used to be a Lover. Now He Rips His Face Off and Melts People

I just really feel like these two episodes are good enough to base an entire film off of them.  Sure certain parts may not be blockbuster worthy, but with a real budget the concepts presented in these shorts could make for a great action film.  These two episodes had a perfect mix of fighting, fan service, and believe it or not, acting.  The dude from ‘The Event” played a great Scorpion, and the twist at the end was pulled off brilliantly by some an actor that really sold the deception (just watch it because things don’t go the way you’d expect).

Unfortunately, just as MK: Legacy has started to find its stride, the web series is coming to a close.  I believe there’s only 1 more episode to go, and this little project will be in the can.  Even though some of them were less than stellar, I’d still like to see more of these shorts get made.  If each character’s story could be as entertaining as Raiden’s, Scorpion’s, and Sub-Zero’s, I’d think that this series could have legs for a larger medium such as TV, or dare I say another Mortal Kombat movie?  Let us know what you thought about MK: Legacy Ep. 7 and 8 by using the comment section below, and if you haven’t seen them yet I’ve conveniently embedded them after the break for your viewing pleasure.  You’ve been waiting for some excellent MK: Legacy episodes…

MK: Legacy Episode 7



MK: Legacy Episode 8




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