‘Moss’ for PSVR Unveiled at E3 2017, Devs Interviewed on PlayStation Live

In Moss, you are a reader of books. As you read the books of this world, you’ll follow our little hero Quill through the adventure. She’s the cute little mouse above, but she’s ultimately on her own. You’re an objective observer, but you can help nudge her along the way by discovering clues and interacting with the environment.

The announcement trailer above really sets the stage for the interview down below. It’s a nice departure from the obligatory first-person design seen in most VR games, so I’m really intrigued to see how this one turns out. Though Quill is left to complete the journey on her own, she absolutely recognizes you being with her.

If all goes well, Moss may just form one of the first memorable bonds with a character in virtual reality.

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