‘Moss’ Hands-On Preview – VR Fairy Tale Dream Come True

Moss is a single player action-adventure puzzle game for all ages. Built for VR from the ground up, Moss re-imagines classic action-adventure gameplay in a first-of-its-kind fully immersive environment. Your every action has meaning. Moss takes full advantage of today’s VR technology, letting you move objects, battle enemies, and manipulate the field of play as the key ally to our hero, Quill. Travel to a lively world that hums with wonder and legend. Explore caves, forests, and foreboding ruins that are filled with ancient artifacts, mysterious creatures, and sprawling views. Your abilities are complementary to Quill’s in an alliance for the ages. Combine classic, action-adventure controls with a world that responds to your touch. Solve puzzles, combat evil, and achieve victory together!

Moss is a beautiful masterpiece in it’s own new and unique genre. This game stood out to me at E3 2018, as it was different than any VR game I had ever played. Moss is a seated VR experience, though standing and looking around the world is highly suggested! What I truly enjoyed about this game is that you actually play as yourself , thought you also have direct control over Quill. Moss plays as a 3rd person action-platformer. Quill the mouse can jump, climb and even fight enemies with her little sword. As the player, your hands are represented by glowing orbs within Quill’s world. You help Quill solve puzzles and clear paths by interacting with different objects around the world that are too large her cute little mouse body. Also, you can actually HEAL Quill if she gets injured! The bond that you form with Quill is just magical. Forming that solid team helps you through the game. Quill will always point you in the right direction and even give you adorable little high-fives when you get things correct!

The world of Moss is absolutely beautiful. Quill genuinely feels alive; like you could reach out and actually hold her in your hand. It is truly like being inside of a fairy tale book. Everything is so smooth and magical looking, the sound effects and music is also just as great!

I personally don’t own the hardware to purchase and play Moss, but it’s such a purely unique and exciting game that I am considering it. It was so fun playing Moss at E3 2018 and the game developers from Polyarc were so passionate about the project, it was overall very admirable!


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