Most Annoying TV Commercial Characters That We Could Do Without


The Gecko

Annoying? How about way past the welcome stage and now inviting a revocation of his work visa? I refer, of course, to the GEICO gecko, that puke green, nearly incomprehensible, arrogant little twerp whose mere presence on my screen invokes my desire for a heroic driver to create roadkill, and soon. He has advanced, and I use the term loosely, from a simple play on words to a pseudo “actor” with alternate “takes” of his “performance.”

The development and extent of his snarky “wit” and smarmy persona appear to have no end in sight. What once started out as a cute critter has become an interminable irritant. I wasn’t crazy about that gecko from the get go; now I am looking for a hit man.

The Pig

GEICO scores another zero with its newest character, the squealing pig. OK. The first commercial was clever, the pig squealed all the way home. However, when he started racing down the pavement on a luge, he lost all his credibility. Pigs do not luge; it is not in their genes.

Now they have him flying on a plane hamming it up with flight attendants. Seriously, can pigs really fly? Pigs should not be on planes unless they are served on rye with a bit of grey poupon or mayo.

The Duck

The Aflac duck is proof positive that insurance companies apparently love anthropomorphism. Again, the original idea was catching; a real duck made quacking sounds a la Gilbert Gottfried. At least it was a real duck and Gilbert’s voice had that fowl quality to it. However, the fowl has gone foul and is now a computer generated, rapping, dancing duck. The thrill is gone.

It is obvious that the Aflac duck is surviving on a wing and a prayer. Whoever is doing the praying, I am begging you to please stop.

The King

One odd character that seems to have disappeared from my screen is the Burger King king. Creepy beyond the legal limitations of creepy, that guy had some serious problems. Did someone say anger issues? Waking somebody up in the middle of a sound sleep with an air horn then laughing demonically with no sound? Really?

Staring with that eerie smile at passersby should have been enough to get him locked up. Perhaps he has been exiled to a land where creepy is king and he is the undisputed king of creeps. With any luck, the court jester is a clown with red hair and large yellow feet.

Fortunately, there are some interesting TV commercial characters that warrant and evoke a smile or a chuckle. For people like me who spend a lot of time watching TV, offers great packages and options. With the number of channels available, a person might even discover new characters that make the annoying ones more palatable.


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