Mother Russia Bleeds is a Fever Dream of Violence and Pixels

Mother Russia Bleeds doesn’t like it’s for the feint of heart. With lo-fi pixel art and simple, gory violence, the upcoming brawler revels in chaos and bloodstains.

Even based off of a single gameplay trailer, Mother Russia Bleeds looks to be one hell of a time.

Set in an alternate history version of the U.S.S.R., Mother Russia Bleeds asks players to overcome a society intent on keeping people down. Street fighters have been force fed dangerous drugs in order to keep the tenuous peace of oppression. But in Mother Russia Bleeds, it’s time for a revolution.

Up to four players can beat the shit out of anything in site with the game’s fully supported co-op modes, bringing the militaristic might of the Sickle and Hammer down on enemies with a single button press. It’s violent and it’s chaotic, and it looks like one of September’s most promising new releases.

Mother Russia Bleeds will be available on September 5 through Steam, GoG, and other digital distributors. A PlayStation 4 version will release later this fall.


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