MotherGunShip is a game that requires you to have some kind of sixth sense because there is so much crap going on at all times. When you walk into any given room, bullets immediately start firing at you from every conceivable angle, and you gotta keep moving and destroy every turret to move on. Though it’s very similar in style to Terrible Posture’s last game, Tower of Guns, it is not a sequel or spin-off–it’s just kind of similar. Something that really sets this game apart, however, is that there’s more of a story-driven narrative this time around.

The little bit of story that I got to see in the demo that I played in PAX came after the level boss. The player had to activate a self-destruct sequence on the ship, jump into a capsule and be shot into space, where a huge ship is seen looming over the Earth. It was pretty cool, and made the game feel like more than just some arcade-style shooter like Tower of Guns.

The other big thing that made MotherGunShip cool was the weapon customization made available. You have a left and right gun, and there’s a ton of different attachments, extra barrels and barrel types that you can add. If you really want to, you could have a gun with a row of barrels that stretches all the way across the screen. That probably wouldn’t do much for you, however, as you don’t have ammo; rather, you have weapon energy. Energy is constantly recharging, but the more bullets you fire the faster the energy runs out, leaving you open to damage.

Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think about the game!


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