MotherGunShip is the followup to Tower of Guns, a pretty fun, inventive game that had only a one man team behind it! I actually reviewed to game for Xbox One when it came to the console a few years ago and actually rather enjoyed it for its fast-paced bullet-hell style gameplay. You could certainly tell that it was a lot for one person to do, however, there was no real atmosphere or gain from doing anything. Every run was still fun, but it was missing something to make it truly memorable.

MotherGunShip, however, from what I can tell, remedies a lot of the issues that I had with Tower of Guns. I had some time to chat with one of the devs and play through the demo that they had at the show! Since I had played last year, there was definitely a clear visual difference. The game looks much better than it did before, it still retains a slightly cel-shaded cartoony look, but the lighting is awesome and there’s clearly a darker tone than there was before. The dialogue that you get from what I can only describe as a black Slippy Toad (you’ll understand if you see it), is pretty goofy and campy, but it’s’ welcoming.

As welcoming as it can be while you desperately try to not be hit by 78943702 bullets flying at you from every which way.

The crazy ways in which you customize your weapon are still around from the last time I played, but theres’ just a lot more options now. The energy meter for each gun in each hand is still a great mechanic and keeps you from really making a stupidly OP weapon early on. Overall, compared to the last time I played it, and especially compared to the game it’s originally based upon, it’s been improved in basically every single way. The demo did end on the same story cutscene that it ended on last year, and I was hoping to get a little more in-game explanation on the story, but I’ll gladly wait until it comes out! Make sure you guys check this game out on Steam!

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