MotherGunShip Release Date Announced – Bullet Hell HYPE

MotherGunShip, the spiritual successor to Tower of Guns, finally has a release date of July 17th and I couldn’t be happier! I had a good time with the original game, and played MGShip at the last two PAX East conventions, and really loved what I saw. The amount of customization that you can add to your guns is amazing, and now that you can dual-wield weapons, it’s twice as nuts.

Remember the Gummy Ship from Kingdom Hearts and how you could basically just make every side of the ship a bunch of guns? It’s like that, but now you’re got guns, missile launchers, lasers, and all kinds of other stuff. The price point for the game is $24.99, which I feel is pretty reasonable, this game is going to be a smash indie hit this year for sure. I’m mega excited to play and review it right here at Entertainment Buddha, and I want to know how many of you folks are excited too, let me know down below!

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