MotherGunShip X1 Review – Never Enough Guns

FINALLY, MotherGunShip has arrived, the spiritual successor to Tower of Guns, which was a first person rogue-lite bullet hell game. Try saying that five times fast. The sequel improves on literally every single thing that the first game had, and wraps it up in a prettier package. There are so many more guns, you can craft guns that have five different barrels, you can upgrade your passive buffs, and so much more. The game actually has a story, and characters that, while sometimes a little grating, are fun to listen to for the most part. You’ve got the arrogant, sometimes brainless leader, the smarmy tech girl, and the robot AI that has had more than enough of everyone’s shit. It’s a great little collection of goofballs and reminds me a little bit of the Star Fox team.

The way the game works, this time around, it’s not quite as rogue as the first game, because it’s not just one long run until the end of the game. You actually have levels and side mission levels that you can partake in to be able to purchase upgrades and gain levels. You also typically unlock gun parts every time you finish a level, whether it be a new socket for you to attach barrels and caps to, cap to augment your gun, or barrels. The barrels are the different types of guns, so you start off with a socket on each hand, and whatever barrels you put on it, you get that gun. So you can throw three shotguns on one hand to make a devastating close-range weapon. You can also throw three automatic weapons/lasers on the other hand to make an impenetrable wall of bullets. The downside to making awesome weapons like this is that you run out of weapon energy on each hand very fast, and have to wait a few seconds for it to recharge. I usually went for something like triple long-range lasers on one hand, and a trusty duo of machine-guns on the other. Then I just shoot one, let it run out, shoot the other, let it run out, and rinse and repeat.

You pretty much always want to be shooting, because every room you walk into is going to start shooting at you from every direction. There are so many different combinations of weapons that you can have, it’s almost dizzying, and allows for a whole bunch of different play styles. Every level is randomly setup, though I’m pretty sure that the bosses don’t change too much with subsequent playthroughs, in terms of their order. It’s definitely not as random as the first game, it feels much more linear, except for behind about to pick branching paths in each level. You can go into certain rooms that will challenge you to kill a certain amount of enemies in a short time, or other various challenges, which you can complete for extra money/health/pickups. Every level felt like it was getting progressively more difficult, which was nice, because sometimes Tower of Guns would be nice and just not get much harder throughout the run. This one ramps up the whole way through, introducing new enemies, and keeping you from using the same two weapons all the way through. The fact that you’re constantly unlocking new weapons to either bring with you at the start of the mission, or to find, is also exciting! It’s fun to unlock something that sounds devastating and try playing with it, like a spike ball launcher or firework guns.

If you didn’t really enjoy Tower of Guns, I would still recommend the you give MotherGunShip a serious chance. It’s almost a whole new game, and I think that far more people will enjoy it, I had a blast with it, and although the graphics still experience the occasional pop-in issue, I enjoy how the game looks and sounds for the most part. Definitely give this one a look, it far surpasses its predecessor.


Story - 6
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 8


Buy it!

MotherGunShip is a great arcade-y FPS that bullet hell and Tower of Guns fans will love. Much more open to new players than the last game!


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