Mothers Thoroughly Disgusted With Dead Space 2

When you are young pretty much anything that you’re told is bad for you instantly becomes something you need.  The moment you knew that your parents didn’t approve of something you knew that it must be cool.  This phenomena was put to work with Dead Space 2’s most recent ad campaign.  In a stroke of genius, the marketing department for the game had 200 mothers come to a location to view scenes from the Sci-Fi horror game.  The mothers were then secretly recorded while they watched the disturbing images unfold on the screen.

The ensuing commentary is hilarious with most mothers feeling that Dead Space 2 was some sign of evil that could take over the World.  EA could easily take their commentary and paste bits of it on the cover of Dead Space 2.  My favorite is the lady towards the end.  She truly looks horrified.  It’s like she just witnessed Hell on Earth, and now she feels poisoned by the filth that infected her eyes and mind.  In fact, she compares Dead Space 2 to a demonic weapon that will numb your mind!

Moms may not like Dead Space 2, but that’s exactly what EA is shooting for.  What a masterful marketing campaign!  It’s a great window into how non-gamers view the games we play today.  Check it out below.  You’ve been wanting to gross your Mom out…


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