When I was sixteen, I was heavily into videogames, anime and comic books. Anime was still new and fresh at the time, and it wasn’t as readily available as it is now. Being the creative sort, I wanted to spread my creative wings and produce comics and video games.

I designed a side scrolling beat em’ up that features Street Fighter style characters with full button commands for each character. The only problem was that I could neither draw nor program, but I figured as long as I had a vision, I could find some way to fulfill these areas where I lacked. I wanted at least something to show for my work so I sought out a talented artist to at least design one of my characters and perhaps I would be able to generate some interest from there.

This was before Facebook, Myspace, Deviant Art, or any other social network of the type. This was 1995-96 after all. So I searched for an artist to help me out. I found one. Not only did I find one, I found one willing to work for free. After all I was a high school student with no money. We consulted and they agreed to send me a picture via email. In 1996 I received the picture and was wowed. I gave up on the videogame (for the time being), and instead decided to create a comic based on this single piece of artwork.

October 1st 2011, nearly fifteen years later my award winning screenplay Eiko was published in a novelized format. It was never what I originally intended, but it did serve the purpose of bringing my beloved character to the masses and in a form where it could be acknowledged and recognized. My struggles aren’t over, but I am one step closer.

I could tell you that it has been easy, but that’d be a lie. It’s been impossibly hard. Pursuits such as these usually are. They truly separate the will do’s from the never will’s. Pursuing a dream/goal is usually made even more difficult when that goal doesn’t fall in line with what others see for you. They try to discourage you, telling you things such as “there’s no money in…” or “you need something more stable…” or my most hated favorite “get your head out of the clouds and come down to earth.”

I’ve heard all these lines more than once in my life. People will always try to bring you down for various reasons, but they can never completely understand what drives you. Your dreams are there for a reason. They are something that only you can understand. Maybe they are unrealistic, but only you will know that for sure.

Eiko was an extensive effort as I turned her from comic book, to an award winning though unproduced screenplay, and finally to a novelized book. It has taken years and years, but the point is that I never gave up. Even though Eiko has yet to make it into comics or produced as a movie, I was willing to keep pushing the idea forward. I would attack every medium possible, if it gave Eiko a one percent increase more at becoming a success.

Where most people fail is that they blame what they don’t have or what they can’t do as the reason for why they fail at what ever they pursue. While it may make sense at the moment, over time you start to see where you could have maneuvered left or right. You can’t always pursue your dreams in a linear fashion. As much as we would like to be the next J.K. Rowling, or the next Michael Bay, sometimes we just don’t have the means, but it doesn’t mean we can’t become the next something or someone who can be considered valuable. You might suck at Basketball, but be great at Coaching. Don’t shutdown your dream until you consider all your options.

If you are a dreamer, then you are a magician. Your ideas are transferred from the ether and made into form. Be the most powerful magician you can be and make your dreams happen. If it is years later and you are older and have kids, still pursue that dream if you are physically able. The feeling that comes from a dream fulfilled is unlike anything you will ever encounter.


This post was written by Kenan Brack (Screenwriter, Author, Director, Photographer).  You can check out some of his other work by following these links: In Case Of Hope’s FB PageEiko’s Facebook.


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