Motorola Going After Apple in Super Bowl Teaser Ad

Motorola has released a teaser for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial that blatantly calls out Apple and their recent product lines, which let’s be honest, Apple has become sort of a dictator on what their devices can and can’t do.  Whether Apple’s reasoning’s for having tight control over what can be done on their iOS devices is correct or not is irrelevant in this argument.  All I’m saying is that I like options when it comes to my gadgets, and Apple really doesn’t provide many in terms of customization due to their strict development rules for their platform.  Sorry fanboys, I like being able to change my Droid’s screens around with more than just boring a*s square icons!

Anyway, Moto’s ad attacks Apple’s recent image of being the single authority on what people want by poking fun at the 1984 Apple ad, which portrayed Apple as a company that doesn’t buy into the system.  It established Apple as the creative and cutting edge technology company that doesn’t buy into what “The Man” wants, rather it inspires people to be free of what the system says we should be buying.

Motorola plays on this theme perfectly with their teaser video, which you can see below.  Their message more or less says, “We have options and encourage choice, versus Apple who tells you what should or should not be on your futuristic devices!”  It’ll be interesting to see how the full ad turns out.  If anything it’s very creative, and depending on your point of view it’s also very true.  You’ve been preparing for a fanboy on fandroid battle to the death…


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