One of our long time supporters sent me an article about a new prototype computer mouse that will surely turn heads if it ever gets released.  Why you might ask?  Well, it looks like a f*cking vagina that’s why!  The G-Point concept mouse was created by Andy Kurovets, and without a doubt it’s meant to look like someone’s lady part.  If this thing were real I think it’d be banned from most professional work places due to the fact that it truly looks like a cleanly shaven pair of lips mounted onto the chassis of your typical mouse.

Reminds me of those uncomfortable Health classes back in Elementary School

The G-Point even has buttons/nubs in the proper place for those of you schlubs that haven’t figured out how to make a woman happy yet.  Now that I think about it maybe they should give these out to men as training devices and tie some sort of videogame to it.  Just think about it ladies, one day there could be an army of men that would know how to satisfy you as if they had a vag themselves!  Pervs, they’re always thinking with their little heads.  Seriously, who sits down and goes, “I’ve got it!  I’m going to be rich by selling computer mice that look like women’s private parts!  I’m a f*cking genius!”  You’ve been thinking that this thing would get you in more trouble than good…


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