“I challenge you to a 20 second fight to the death.”

Now, that’s not how most press emails open up, but I have to admit that it got me intrigued. After all, I never refuse a challenge (and if it’s axes at dawn, all the better), and it had been a pretty slow day in the whole “slaying my enemies” department so why not read on?

Disappointingly, it turned out they were talking trying their new titleFortunately, giving it a try turned out to be one of the best decisions that week, if not for this whole year. Move or Die, the new title from Those Awesome Guys and Snowcannon Studios, is colorful, hectic, and an absolutely insane amount of fun.


The basic premise, as summed up by Those Awesome Guys founder Nicolae Berbece, is a game “whose title is also the instruction manual.” You and up to three friends take control of tiny squarish characters, and are thrust into an arena where you must constantly move or else have your health steadily drain away until you explode in a colorful splash of paint.  Making this a little more complicated are a variety of game modes which issue specific instructions for that round. These can range from dodging falling bricks and jumping on your buddies heads all the way through, to playing tag with a suicide vest as the timer counts down.

All of the modes usually last less then a minute, and the fast pace helps keep the action fresh as each new round brings a new random challenge. This is a party game in the truest sense of the word. It’s super easy to pick up and play, but will quickly turn into a stiff competition as you try to beat your friends or colorfully die in the attempt.

There’s not much else I can add to that, as one of the beautiful things about this game is its simplicity. Move or Die is available now on Early Access and will be coming to consoles (PS4 first) in the new year so if you’ve got a hankering to ruin some friendships, keep your eyes peeled for the release.


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