Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Tim Burton will direct Disney’s live-action re-make of the classic film. Writer Ehren Kruger (Transformers) is working on the script as Disney hopes it can continue it’s run of good return on their live-action films. Alice in Wonderland grossed over $1 billion, and Maleficent earned $758 million worldwide. Disney’s live-action of Cinderella releases this weekend.

Green Lantern

In DC world, Latino- Review’s Umberto Gonzalez put up an Instagram photo regarding rumors floating regarding Chris Pine as a leading candidate for the next Green Lantern, previously played by Ryan Reynolds. The expectation is that he’ll play the Hal Jordan version as opposed to the John Stewart who supplanted Jordan in the comics. Other rumors surrounding the film included Common or Tyrese Gibson portraying the John Stewart version of the superhero.

Inside Out

Pixar released a trailer for its upcoming film about the voices and feelings in our heads. Following 2013’s Monsters University, Pixar continues its unique animated path in a film that stars Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, and Mindy Kaling. It’ll be hard to not  find enjoyment in this one when it comes out on June 19th. Via The Ellen Show.

Tron 3


According to Vancity Buzz, the next Tron film is set to begin shooting in Vancouver sometime this fall. At this time only Garrett Hedlund is slated to return, with no news regarding Jeff Bridges or Olivia Wilde.



Sony has announced that they’ll be broadening the Ghostbusters franchise by adding an all-male version of the film to coincide with the all-female rendition which starts production in June. Channing Tatum is attached to produce, and expects to act in the film as well. Apparently there can never be enough Ghostbusters. Via Deadline.

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