Furious 7

Movieclips Trailers recently released the IMAX trailer for April’s Furious 7, the newest edition to the fuel-enthused franchise. The film sees the majority of the cast returning, along with new villain Jason Statham. If you’ll recall, the post-credit scene of Fast and Furious 6 took us back to Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift provides a glimpse of Statham as he kills Han (remember, everything post Tokyo Drift was a prequel to Tokyo Drift). At the time, no one seemed to know what his villainous role would be, but it’s now apparent he’s the older brother of Owen Shaw, whom the gang took out in the last film. It’s also speculated that Paul Walker’s character does not die in the film, instead choosing to walk away.

Ted 2

The trailer for the upcoming sequel has been released, and this one proves that maturity doesn’t come with age. Mark Wahlberg returns along with newcomer Amanda Seyfried. There’s no sign of Mila Kunis, though the trailer hints that the film will be more focused on Wahlberg’s John Bennett and Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed bear, who ends up in court to try and prove he deserves the same rights as regular folk. The film may be a bit of a stretch since folks are now accustomed to MacFarlane’s ways, but the trailer provides a few humorous scenes, so maybe they’re able to take it to the next level. Via Movieclips Trailers.

Terminator: Genisys

Let’s keep the Movieclips Trailers train going with the new one for Terminator: Genisys starring Emilia Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jai Courtney. Due out July 1st of this year, the film offers more time traveling/twisting to go along with big guns, a flipping bus, and an incredibly old-looking Arnold.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World

A new image teaser for the new dinosaur set to appear has been made available via The dino, named Indominous Rex, was created because a corporate mandate wanted something bigger and with more ferocious chompers (that can regenerate, like a shark’s) to help the money-leaking Jurassic World stay open. While it may look similar to a T-Rex, it’s facial attributes are different, and stands 40 feet tall with the ability to run up to 30 mph. Good luck, Chris Pratt.

Jurassic World

Star Wars

Star Wars

It’s been announced that Disney is moving forward with episodes 8 and 9 of the Star Wars saga, according to ScreenCrush. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed in a shareholders report:

“As one of the few people allowed to visit the set during filming….and one of the fewer who’s seen most of the footage…I can assure the millions of Star Wars fans who have spent the last decade hoping for a new movie this one will be worth the wait. And it’s only the beginning of a new era of exceptional Star Wars storytelling; next year we’ll release our first standalone movie based on these characters, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017, and we’ll finish this trilogy with Episode IX in 2019.”

So not only should we expect episodes eight and nine, but even a standalone movie as well over the next few years.

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