Jake Gyllenhaal’s newest film tells the story of a man who loses his wife in a car accident, then goes back and dissects everything about his marriage. What started out as a complaint letter about a vending machine, Gyllenhaal’s Davis realizes some things about his past and current self that causes him to stop and ponder about his future. The film also stars Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper, and Judah Lewis, and is directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club). Demolition is set for an April 8th, 2016 release.


Starring Adam Scott, Toni Collete, and Emjay Anthony, Krampus is the atypical Christmas film, as you can see in the trailer above. When one young boy stops believing in the spirit of Christmas, he unknowingly unleashes a demonic force that punishes those dispirited by Christmas. Krampus hits theaters on December 4th.


The baddest woman in all of sports will have her shot as a lead on the big screen. UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has been cast as the lead in the reformed Roadhouse film, which originally starred Patrick Swayze as the rough and tumble bouncer that protects his small town from a corrupt businessman. Rousey recently appeared in Entourage and Fast and Furious 7 (check out the featurette above), though Roadhouse will be her biggest acting gig thus far. The film is scheduled to begin shooting sometime next year. Via Variety

Captain America: Civil War

Baron Zemo Captain America Civil War

In a recent interview, Elizabeth Olsen confirmed who the main villain will be in the third Captain America installment. While the heavy focus has been on the fact that our favorite superheroes are being split in two, the film is not without a villain. According to Olsen, Baron Zemo is set to take the villainous stage in the film, being played by Daniel Brühl. Zemo is a gifted intellect with expertise in science, marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat to go along with his cunning ability to strategize and lead. He provides a more human element to contest the Avengers as opposed to Loki’s Chitauri army and Ultron’s robot soldiers.  Civil War is slated for a May 6th, 2016 release. Via CBM

King Kong vs. Godzilla

If Batman and Superman can fight each other, why not two of the biggest monsters in cinematic history? Talks have begun between Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures to move Kong: Skull Island to Warner Bros. which will unite the King Kong property with the studio that brought us 2014’s Godzilla. This monstrous union would allow the creation of a King Kong vs. Godzilla flick after a Godzilla sequel which is already in the works. The King of Monsters and The King of Apes last squared off in 1962. Check out their battle in the video above. Via Deadline

Guillermo Del Toro 

Guillermo Del Toro

Acclaimed director Guillermo Del Toro is reportedly working on a project with Fox Searchlight, though plot details have not been revealed. The only description given is Wall-E meets Splash and is an original story. Del Toro recently finished filming the second season of The Strain on FX, and is poised to direct Pacific Rim 2: Maelstrom, which appears to have been delayed and won’t begin shooting until sometime next year. His newest film is the gothic-horror flick Crimson Peak, which features Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, and Charlie Hunnam, and is scheduled for release on October 16th. Via The Tracking Board


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