Movie Rumor News: The Rock Talks DC, Indy 5, TMNT, and More

The Rock is playing someone from the DC universe, but who might be in the next Indiana Jones?

The Rock talks DC movies

(Photo: Kerry Brown, Paramount Pictures)

(Photo: Kerry Brown, Paramount Pictures)

IGN talked with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at CinemaCon, which was mostly to hype up his next movie Hercules, but they were also able to land some pressing questions about the many rumors circulating on exactly who Johnson might play in an upcoming DC movie. According to Johnson, there has been great interest in adding the Herculean actor (if you’ll pardon the pun) to the DC cinema universe but they haven’t been able to find the right character for him. Originally there were rumors that he could be playing John Stewart, one of the Green Lanterns, after he replied to a tweet with a hashtag about John Stewart. It seems they have found a desirable match but The Rock would not divulge the answer during the interview, instead giving hints as to whom it may be. The character apparently is: complex, has a lot going on, has never been brought to life, and is extremely powerful. He states the hurdle is finding a writer but seemed mildly optimistic that an official announcement might be made as early as Comic-Con. The only thing The Rock confirmed was the character is not NOT Black Adam.

Indiana Jones 5 indiana_jones

A story on Latino Review stated that Frank Darabont, executive producer from the first season of The Walking Dead, had pitched an idea for the next Indy film and that he was specifically eyeballing American Hustle star Bradley Cooper to wield the whip in the next installment. However, like a man wielding a sword in a gun fight, the rumor was quickly shot down in a reply from Darabont to Ain’t it Cool News saying there is no truth to it. It wouldn’t have been Darabont’s first project with Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. as he wrote a handful of episodes for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television series. Even though no one is officially linked to the mythical fifth movie, I’m sure there are top men working on it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tmnt

As if those heroes in a half shell weren’t already buzzing after their first official trailer hit, now according to Deadline there have been two changes to the voice cast. Originally in the roles of Leonardo and Splinter were Pete Ploszek and Danny Woodburn, respectively, but they have been replaced by Johnny Knoxville as Leonardo and Tony Shalhoub as Splinter. The original actors, Ploszek and Woodburn, played the characters during the filming and this shows that Paramount is not above bringing in other actors for the voices. So far the voice performances for Donatello (Jeremy Howard) and Michelangelo (Noel Fisher) are still the original motion-capture actors and have not been replaced. There is still time for changes before the release date in August and the film is currently doing re-shoots.

Fantastic Four tobykebbell

It’s back to the well again for this installment of rumors and news as according to Variety, Toby Kebbell has been cast to play the arch-nemesis Victor von Doom. Kebbell has also starred in War HorseThe East, and will also be featured in the upcoming film adaptation of Warcraft. Source material is not quite confirmed though the Variety story believes it will draw from the Ultimate Fantastic Four book, which is set in the alternate Earth-1610 universe. The first movie is slated for a June 2015 release and, as previously reported, the second movie will be out sometime in summer 2017.

Prometheus 2 ellenripley

If there was any ambiguity as to where Prometheus would be placed in the Alien series chronology, those questions might be answered. In an exclusive from Fangoria, the original Ellen Ripley herself has been cast in the sequel. The extent of the role is unclear but, just as she did in Alien Resurrection, she will be playing a clone of Ripley and that time travel will be a key ingredient in Prometheus 2. It seems some fans of the first film were a bit sour at the unclear connection Prometheus might have had with the Alien movies, but this move cements the fact that it is somehow intertwined. The second movie will be the sixth installment in the franchise and Fangoria also reports that recent rewrites from the script could also mean including other characters from the earlier films in some capacity.


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