Movie Tickets Rise to $20 In Some Cities

Well just like professional sporting events movies may no longer be an entertainment option for the common man.  In New York, theaters showing ‘Shreck Forever After’ in 3D IMAX will be charging 20 bones to go and see it!  That’s f*cking wallet rape to the max.  What a joke right?  Guess I’m glad I live in the Midwest, but it’s only a matter of time before that trend becomes national.

We as consumers need to start boycotting this happy horse-sh*t.  I would hope if enough movie-fans, or sports-fans for that matter, quit going to these events the prices would drop.  Imagine if a NFL game, or a MLB game had zero fans in attendance, oh wait, you just have to go to Cleveland to see that phenomena, Ohhh!  Seriously though, how fast do you think the team’s owners would drop their prices?  The same could be said for a big budget flick.  If a studio sinks in $200 mil on a picture and no one shows up for the premiere, the theaters may re-think their pricing strategy.

We do have the power, but I’m afraid none of us are willing to commit to the cause.  We’re so used to instant gratification over here, that Big Business has us by the teets.  It knows we’ll never sacrifice going to a sporting event, or big movie premiere to boycott the high prices.  It’s only a matter of time before we are muscle-less tubs of goo, that ride around in mobile wheelchairs constantly feeding the entertainment machine our hard earned cash.  The sky is the limit for how high prices for entertainment can get.

If you’re ever down for a boycott let me know.  I don’t have money anyway, so it’s easy for me.  Just think about it though.  We can change things if we could give up a little instant gratification.  You’ve been motivated, but then you remembered how much you like to be entertained and gave up on the dream…

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