Mozilla Blames Certain Firefox 4 Add-Ons for Slow Performance

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post detailing my struggles with Firefox 4, and how it seemed much slower than Firefox 3.  Things haven’t really improved for me since then, but Mozilla has started listing the Top 10 speed killers when it comes to add-ons that it offers for the new browser.  After checking out the Firefox 4 Add-on sh*t list, which you can see below, I found that indeed I was using one of the worst offenders with the Firebug plug-in.

Essentially, I use this neat little add-on to do some debugging work on this site.  It’s a great tool to help you see what real time changes to your site’s html, or css will look like, without the need to edit your source files.  It’s a big help for web hacks such as myself, but I have since disabled it after seeing it can slow the startup performance of Firefox 4 by up to 74%!

I can report to you that after I disabled Firebug, and did a mandatory restart of the Firefox browser, I did notice that she opened much quicker than when the add-on was enabled.  I wouldn’t say I was blown away by the speed, but it definitely improved.  I’ve also noticed increased performance speeds while just using the browser.  Before, even if I switched tabs it seemed like I had to wait a few seconds before the site was ready for me to scroll it.  Now, that delay isn’t so long, but it’s still not fantastic.  I still can physically hear and feel my laptop crank up while I do basic functions within Firefox 4 such as switching tabs, scrolling sites, and launching new tabs.

If you’re suffering from a case of sluggishness in regards to your Firefox 4 experience I highly recommend checking out the Top 10 add-ons that slow Firefox performance below.  In my case I did use one of the worst add-ons, and things did improve once I disabled it.  Unfortunately, some of these add-ons have almost become more useful than the actual browser itself for some of us, so you may not even have the option of disabling a plugin that is known to cripple your speeds.  At least there’s the option right?  You’ve been trying to browse like it’s 2011, but it feels more like 1999…

Top 10 Firefox 4 Add-Ons That Kill Performance

Link to check the turd-based add-ons


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