Mr. Shifty is an indie adventure game I’m proud to call my first real game preview. Break into the world’s most secure facility using Mr. Shifty‘s lightning speed teleportation skills, or shift through walls and even bullets to be everywhere all at once. Toy with enemies by using distractions and trickery to lure them to their deaths. This my friends, is Mr. Shifty.

Mr. Shifty is a genuinely creative and entertaining game and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I found its style to be simplistic, but with a unique twist. Now don’t get me wrong, this game was not easy, you can’t just speed run through it. Mr. Shifty requires a level of thinking and strategy. Devising a plan to take out twenty enemies in the next room without dying can be pretty tricky, especially when you’re made to use outside forces such as turrets and lasers. I found this kind of puzzle/strategy element very fun and different than other games I’ve played. On the other hand, Mr. Shifty isn’t so unbearably hard. There’s a nice balance in the difficulty and just exploring and destroying office equipment.

Now yes, I know I merely previewed the beta for Mr. Shifty, but I do have a couple critiques. First of all, every once in a while the screen would freeze but the game would continue. I could hear the footsteps of Mr. Shifty walking around and sometimes I’d be in the middle of a firefight and I’d get shot down without any power to prevent it. It was, at times, frustrating because I’d be at the end of a level and I’d die because of the glitch, which then caused me to start the level all over again.

My final critique for Mr. Shifty is the crashing. Every once in a while when the game froze, it would completely crash. That was equally as frustrating as when the game froze because I’d have to reload the game which would make me restart at the very beginning of the level, no matter how far in I was.

I believe Mr. Shifty could do really well if all the bugs are taken out, which they should be considering that this version is just a beta. It was an enjoyable game none the less, and I’m glad I had the pleasure of previewing it! Check it out on Steam, or by watching its E3 2016 trailer below.

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