[UPDATE] Additional COG Codes have been listed in the comments section.  It seems that the 8/23 Gears of War 3 reveal is in regards to the “Gear Up” promotion that Microsoft has launched today via its social networks and through Xbox emails.  Essentially it’s a clever advertising campaign to get the Gears 3 community jacked up about the Gears of War 3 release, which is now less than a month away (bone is popped).  For those that are in the know you should be receiving an email from Xbox that looks like the image below.

Copy of the Gear up for Gears of War 3 Invite

(You should be able to redeem my unique COG code which is in the pic)

In the message, which is written as if you are part of the COG forces, you are given one code to redeem via a link.  Once you authenticate the link to your Facebook account you are given a free piece of Gears 3 schwag, which in my case was a 3D poster of the mutha f*ckin Cole Train baby (must say it as if you were Cole).  Now this isn’t all.  If you read the entire message you’ll see that additional codes are available to find via friends, or other social network ventures that MS and Epic games are a part of.

I’m hoping my code in the picture above will allow you to score more free Gears of War 3 propaganda, but in return I’d ask that you leave your unique code in the comments section below.  This way we all can work towards unlocking this puzzle together like one big happy COG family.  You’ll see what I mean once you redeem your first COG code, but in an advent calendar like operation certain parts of the redemption screen background become exposed with each code you enter.  I would love to know what the last unlock is, so let’s help each other out and spread these COG codes like AIDS!  To get a better idea of what I’m talking about check out some screen captures I took of the COG code redemption site below.  You’ve been sent on a Gears of War 3 Easter egg hunt…

Xbox Cog Code Site

Facebook Portal to Redeem COG Codes

COG Code Redemption Screen with Code

Notice What Happens to the Background After a Code is Entered??


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