Murder Mystery Game ‘Omensight’ Releasing This Month

When you hear the genre, murder-mystery, I’m sure that a video game is not the first thing that comes to mind. The folks over at Spearhead Games seem to think otherwise. Their latest title, Omensight, is set to remind gamers that this genre is strong and here to stay. Spearhead Games offers a unique look with an art style all their own. You can check out the gameplay video along with some developer commentary up above. For more info, continue reading on and keep it locked here for more information as we get closer to release!

About Omensight:

”  Spearhead Games is excited to announce the launch date of their brand new, murder-mystery game, Omensight – heading to PC and Playstation 4 on May 15th, 2018! Pre-orders will be available on the Playstation Store tomorrow, April 24th. Omensight is already available for wishlist additions on Steam and will retail on both platforms for $19.99 USD. Fans of Majora’s Mask’s time-turning gameplay will love how Omensight plays with the intersecting and conflicting fate’s of all its lead characters – each time loop brings you closer to the truth and one step closer to preventing the end of the world.

By interacting with opposing sides of a great war, players must decide who is telling the truth and, ultimately, who to trust. The developers at Spearhead Games have produced a video to show off the gameplay you can expect in Omensight, including a key feature of the game – the “Omensight” mechanic. This allows players to reveal key information, obtained during previous day-loops, to important NPCs on their current timeline, helping players change their fate and uncover what’s going on behind the scenes.  “

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