I suck at sports games because I never play them because I have zero interest in them in real life anyway. Call me a stereotypical nerd if you will, it’s just never something I got into, unless you count goofy sports games like Rocket League or any of the Mario sports games that are barely sports games. Of all of the games that I despise the most, Madden would likely be one of them, I don’t know what it is but those games bore me in the worst way. I get why people love them, and I get why people love watching football, but it’s just not for me.

Well, Mutant Football League is definitely for me because I played it at E3 this year and had an absolute BLAST. I think that’s because it’s barely a football game, since the plays that you get to make are some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. Having trouble getting to that ten yard line? Just fart and incapacitate all of the enemy team’s players around you, then run for it! Down a couple touchdowns, with no way to win the game normally? Just kill all of the other team’s QB’s until he’s got nothing left and has to forfeit the match!

And yes, that IS how I won the game that I got to play on the show floor, and I did feel a little bad. Not really, it was glorious.

All of the players have health bars that recover slightly between plays (I think?), but if they go all the way down, they’ll be obliterated. Dead football players can’t play, so make sure you protect your guys as much as you can, and try to take out as many of the enemy’s team as you can. Both teams do have a ton of backup players, but if you destroy the same position over and over again, they just won’t have that position anymore. Every team has their own set of devious tactics that they can use, like mine, for example, had the aforementioned fart play. We also had one that was completely dedicated to just murdering the QB, regardless of what else was happening (guess which play I used the most). Needless to say, I enjoyed the hell out of my time with this game, and it really is rare when any kind of sports game makes me feel that way. Even the goofy ones have to be the right kind of goofy for the sport that it’s goofing on.

Did I say goofy enough?

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