Devolver Digital had a rock-solid E3 presentation in 2018, and one of the games that they showed was My Friend Pedro. A game where you and a talking banana friend go on a killing spree. Okay well you’re the one doing all of the killing and the banana is just kind there, but that’s okay, don’t worry about it. This feels like an unofficial Deadpool game of sorts, with the dual-wielding guns, music, wacky nature, slow-mo, and goofy action-movie antics.

I only got to play about ten minutes while I was at PAX East this year, but that was more than enough to sell me. You can aim your individual weapons in different directions by locking on with one and then moving the other. You can also slow down time and twirl around in order to dodge incoming bullets and attacks. It took me a little bit to get all of the controls down in a way where I could use them in tandem, but once I did it was super satisfying.

There’s a ton of different, really cool ways that you can kill people without them even seeing you too. You can bounce bullets off of different objects like frying pans to hit them around corners, adding to your stylishness. I think there’s gonna be tons more in the full game, in terms of little spots of flair like that, and I’m excited to see!

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