My Kind of Art – Blowing Stuff Up!

I saw this video last week, and for someone who is resembles a caveman versus a cultured-man, I’m proud of myself for watching it.  This is mainly because the video is about art, which is something I suck at and have no abilities for.  What makes this art appeasing to someone like me is that it is done with explosives!  Alexandre Farto (great name by the way, at least for getting picked on as a kid) has created this blast art, and it is quite a seen to behold.

This type of art isn’t for everyone and actually takes many hours to plan.  Basically, Farto has to lay out the charges in a planned order before he blows the sh*t out of his make shift wall canvas.  If he laid out his charges correctly he ends up with some awesome looking fallout from the explosions, and it’s the kind that won’t make you grow a third nipple.  If anything, Farto has proven that playing with fire and explosives isn’t just for toothless Hillbillies.  Check it out below.  You’ve never thought explosives could be considered a tool to create art…



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