My Kind of Truck! iPad 2 Installed in F-150 Dash!

Wow, not only do I need to have a tablet, but now I may also need a new Ford F-150 so I can have my new tablet installed into its dashboard!  Talk about gadget bone central!  This exact scenario has been done by Soundman Car Audio using Apple’s new iPad 2.  They managed to form fit the newest Pad into the dash of a 2010 Ford F-150 using some slightly modified parts, and a whole helluva lot of awesomeness.  Their dashboard mod essentially gives mobile geeks a large interface for Face Time chats, Movies, and many other distractions to keep you from getting bored, or at least to keep you from being a safe driver.

Imagine telling a cop that you ran over that little baby because you were going for a new high score on Plants vs. Zombies!  How about explaining that you were having an intense session with Rosie Palmer and her five Sisters while on Face Time with your lover, after you crashed through the local nursing home’s front door?  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in getting, check out the video below.  You’ve been thinking that a duct taped iPad 2 on your dash would be pretty awesome too…


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