My ‘Prometheus’ Species Creation Math Validated in Picture Form

After watching Prometheus I hit my MacBook Pro to do a review of it, and also to try and put down on paper what I thought the movie was about.  It turns out that I wasn’t too far off from what other geeks have been speculating about the movies many mysteries.  At the end of my official review I just ranted on my own personal beliefs as to what took place in the movie, and I even included a math formula for how I perceived the Xenomorph aliens that we know from the Alien movies came about.

Well today I came across an image from Carlos Poon who also summed up the Prometheus species creation theory with a simple to understand math infographic.  It really is an uncanny resemblance of my original formula, and I’m not claiming he stole my thoughts whatsoever.  If anything I feel better about myself for figuring this movie out without having my hand held, which seems to be the case due to Lindelof’s and Scott’s question filled plot.  Carlos did add a precursor to his formula of Engineer + Black Goo = Humans, but after that we pretty much felt the same way.

Check out my initial Alien species math formula here (at bottom of page in grey), and also head down past the break to see Poon’s visualized version of the formula.  You’ve been thinking that the EB isn’t just full of sh*t all the time after all…


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