My Time with PC Horror Game Syndrome was Dark

Syndrome is a horror game that takes place on a derelict ship. The crew is either dead, imprisoned, or something. See, that was the problem with the game—I only could get through about the first 45 minutes of it.

The game is too dark to see where the hell you are going. I had to blindly stumble to get through what I played. I spent a total of two and a half hours playing the game and in that time I accomplished very little. When I say it was too dark to see, I mean it. I had to blast the gamma settings to max just to get in and out of several rooms, which distorted the environment so much it made the game look graphically poor.

There are a few well-lit areas that allow you to progress, but more or less you’re going to have issues seeing. I tried to adjust the brightness on my screen, hooked up two different monitors, and, like I said, altered the game’s gamma. The other issue I had was dying from steam vents and wires on the ground that I could not see until I was taking damage from them. In the time I played I saw no monsters—just dead robots and headless bodies in hallways.

I don’t feel right reviewing this game for you fine readers because I lack the information to really tell you about the game. If there is a patch or alteration to the game that allows me to get through it, I will post an update. Until then, I cannot recommend that anyone buys this game in the state I played it. Steam does offer a refund if you want to see it for yourself (and have the same issues), but again I do not recommend you do so.

Here are a few screenshots I took to show you what I mean:


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