Sony has already showed off the PS4, and rumors have it that Microsoft will soon be revealing the next Xbox console before E3, but I still have some features that I would like to see in the next generation of consoles that haven’t been discussed yet.  Some of my wants may seem a little odd, but if you really ponder over them I believe you’ll agree with the direction I’d like to see the gaming world take over the next 10 years.  Please continue on after the break to see what I dream about when I think of new video game consoles.  Yes, dreaming about gaming is acceptable!

5.  Vastly improved graphics

I had to list this want as my least needed feature since I know that improved visuals will be at the top of both Sony and MS’s lists of features.  From what Sony showed off with the PS4 I feel confident that their new console will pay off in the graphics department, and while I haven’t seen anything from the MS camp yet, I fully believe that their new toy will also sport some impressive looking visuals.

4.  Super speedy boot and load times

There’s nothing worse than wanting to play a new video game, but instead of getting to the action right away you first have to wait for your console to boot up.  To make things worse you then have to wait for the game to load, which could also require an additional patch, so even more time gets added to your wait.

I want the new consoles to boot up and be ready to serve me a next-gen video game experience in under 30 seconds.  I’m talking from the time I push the power button to the time I actually start controlling whichever game I have loaded into my console.  Waiting is for dullards.  We all have busy lives, so any time that can be saved while enjoying our hobbies will be sacred.

Luckily it seems that Sony has this feature in the PS4 via its ability to hibernate and patch games on its own.  They promised that we will be able to put our PS4 to sleep mid-game, and when we’re ready to return we just have to wake up the console and bingo, bango, bongo; we’re right back where we left off.  I can only hope that MS offers something similar to improve their new consoles boot and load speeds too.

This mantra also applies to the in-game loading speeds, which, depending on the game, can be quite long and mind numbing.  There’s nothing worse than dying over and over due to a challenging section in a game, only to have to wait for 30 seconds or more to give it another shot due to the loading screen.  I don’t make it a habit to get my ass kicked by video game AI, but it happens to the best of us, so I’d rather not have to wait and let my blood boil in between my attempts to conquer a challenging section, or boss battle.

3.  Day 1 digital titles

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to download a brand new video game directly to your console at 12:01 AM of its release day?  If you were thinking no you need to have your brain checked out.  I’m not saying I’m a sloth-like individual, but you can’t tell me that it wouldn’t be awesome to download a brand new triple-A title without having to drive to a video game store, or wait for the disc to show up in the mail.

Most of us gamers have high-speed connections, so having to wait a few minutes for a game to download should sound much more favorable to the thought of having to leave your gaming cave to go and pick one up at a traditional retail outlet.  Sony already does a pretty good job at offering new games as digital downloads, and their process seems even better for the PS4, so again I’d like to see what MS has up their sleeves in regards to day 1 digital game releases.

2.  More fluid code redemption process

These days you can’t even play a damn video game without entering some sort of code to unlock a specific online feature, or to redeem pre-order bonuses to use in the game.  I’m all about wasting money on new armor sets, better guns, increased perks, and other pre-order bonuses, but the process of punching them in via your controller is enough to make me go insane.  This is especially true on games that require you to input up to four codes or more just to be able to play it the way you paid for it.

Maybe the fix is as simple as providing one code to rule them all, or maybe it should be more innovative such as scanning in a bar code, but I don’t want to have to spend 10 minutes punching in random codes every time I load a new game into my console.  At least let us speak the codes into the console or something, because using the crappy text input interfaces on current console is a practice in monotony and frustration.

I can only hope for some sort of respite in these new consoles from Sony and MS, but unfortunately I think the whole code dilemma may reside with the actual publishers and not the console makers.  A lazy ass can dream can’t he?

1.  No more disc changes mid-game

My number 1 want in the next generation consoles should clearly out me as a predominant Xbox 360 gamer.  I can’t stand having to get up in the middle of a game to change to the next disc so I can keep playing.  It destroys any immersion you had with the game’s world, and it breaks up the narrative of the game with a violent stop in the action, which usually takes the form of a blank black screen telling us to “Insert Disc X”.  Excuse my French, but fuck that shit.

Like I mentioned earlier, Sony already uses Blu-ray discs, so the issue of having to change to a different disc on the PS3 and the PS4 doesn’t exist.  I’m praying that MS takes notice to the benefit of using Blu-ray media over DVDs, because that standard is archaic and nearly extinct.  I never want to have to interrupt my video game narrative to pop in another DVD because the console maker has too much pride to use their competitors optical drive technology.

There you have it.  My odd, but useful wants for the next generation of video game consoles.  I really think Sony is on track to meet most of my needs, so I hope that MS has similar features in store for their new console as well.  Considering that I’m a junky I’ll still by both new consoles this holiday season, but depending on my list above I may lean towards the console that can best meet my desires.

Feel free to chime in with any of your ideas for new console features using the comments section below.  You’ve been thinking codes and disc changes severely blow farm animals…


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