MyCharge UnPlugged 10K Portable Wireless Charger Review

Thanks to advances in smartphone tech over the past few years, wireless charging and chargers have become all the rage. Not needing cables to top off your daily use devices is very convenient, but wireless charging pads themselves can get a bit clunky while traveling, so when away from your home you may still need to rely on a trusty USB cable to keep your device powered up. Although, thanks to a new line of portable wireless chargers from MyCharge, you can now keep your wireless charging devices full of juice, even when you step away from your geek lair.

This new line of portable wireless chargers from MyCharge is called the UnPlugged series, and we were sent the most powerful model to test out. The UnPlugged 10K portable charger can offer up to 10 watts of wireless charging power for your devices that can be charged wirelessly, and it also offers two traditional USB ports if you need or want to charge two additional devices at once, or devices that don’t support wireless charging. What’s even better is that it supports fast recharging of connected devices, and fast recharging of its own battery, so you can keep it and your connected devices at suitable power levels without needing hours of time to charge each one.

In my testing I found that when connected to a USB port the UnPlugged 10K could give you close to a percentage of battery power every minute, so within 15 minutes I added 15% of my battery back, which sometimes is all you need to push through the final moments of your day. When using the wireless charging feature, which just requires you to lay your phone on top of the device, I experienced slightly faster charge times. If plugged into a 10W power source the battery itself can fully charge in about two hours.

There is one big issue with the wireless charing feature though, at least for me, and that’s the fact that it struggles to charge through protective cases, or at least those that are a bit thicker than usual. I use a wallet case, and with it on my other wireless charger can still send a charge to it, but that was not the case with the UnPlugged 10K. It would not sense my iPhone X until I took the case off, at which point it would being charging it wirelessly. This is a definite bummer, because the whole point of these portable wireless chargers is to offer more convenience, so having to take off and put my case back on to use it wirelessly was a bit of a pain in the butt. With that being said the wireless charging works quite well, but there’s a good chance that your case’s thickness will dictate if you can leave it on or not, so if taking your case on and off sounds like a nightmare to you, you may want to test it out first to see if it’s too thick for this charger.

In terms of how many charge sessions I got on one full charge of the battery I can tell you that I charged my iPhone X from 50% to full twice, and my wife’s iPhone 7 Plus from 10% to full once, and I still had one meter of charge left on the portable charger. It can definitely get you through a few days of just charging your one device before it needs charged, or a day or two if you use it heavily to keep your device topped up. If you use it all day long you should expect to get five times more battery power than what your device currently offers, so if you’re not into cases, or have a thin one, you could just slap it on the Unplugged 10K while you’re not using it, or even when you are to keep your battery at a full charge all day long.

The UnPlugged line ranges from 3,000mAh to 10,000mAh sized batteries, so you can pick the size you need. The unit I tested goes for $69.99, but is on sale from Amazon at $55.99. If you’re in the market for a new portable battery but also want wireless charging capabilities, then I do recommend picking up one of the available UnPlugged devices from MyCharge. Plus, they just look great with their matte white finish, so you won’t be lugging around an ugly looking mega-brick to get your charging needs taken care of.


Review Summary

Build Quality - 8.5
Functionality - 9
Ease of Use - 7
Price - 7



If your phone supports wireless charging and you're in the market for a new portable battery charger, then the UnPlugged series from MyCharge has you covered on both fronts.


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