My Geek Box January 2014 Edition Review

It’s an unfortunate fact that, when it comes to being a Geek, life is much easier inside the US then outside it. Despite the many cultural similarities between the US and my own home, the UK, there’s a definite disconnect when it comes to access for all our favourite past times (not to mention your ridiculously low priced electronics).

Case in point, for a while now companies like Loot Crate and GeekMeBox have been providing the joy of random Geekery direct to US households, including EB HQ. Sadly for those of us across the pond, a hefty delivery fee often puts such joy out of reach, like Cake which ends up being a Lie.

But wait! Finally, the Brits are hitting back with a few companies copying the LootCrate model and providing customised boxes of goodness all over these rainy isles of ours.

I decided to pick up a subscription to one of these trailblazers,, and see whether the home talent can match up to the Stateside imports. Januarys box was themed ‘Justice’ so pull on your lycra and follow me into the unboxing gallery below.

The Box

The Box: First things first, the actual box you get from mygeekbox is undeniably pretty. A simple blue motif with geeky cartoons on the side, it also survived the Royal Mail relatively unscathed.


T-Shirt: All of these sorts of boxes come with a T-Shirt and this one was pretty good, I like the Dredd influence but my only worry is that the reference might not resonate with everyone and the simple ‘Geek’ message seems more like one of those T-shirts you can pick up at Primark (Or Target for my American brothers).

All the Goodies

Funko Pop! Dredd: Another staple of any good box, I love this Dredd miniature so much I immediately cleared space on my work desk to accommodate. Unfortunately in my excitement all my camera skills utterly failed me.

On a related note, screaming ‘I AM THE LAW’ in a crowded office is an excellent way to confuse co-workers.

Superman Energy Drink: (Above) Kind of cool, fits the theme and tastes surprisingly fruity. Read into that what you will.

Comic Book

Comic Book: Not a series I’d heard of before, and kind of seems like Justice League would have been the more obvious choice but still a good read so far.

Arkham City Keychain

Keychain: Again, not sure Arkham fits the theme here but a nifty little piece.


Magazine: Actually not a bad read, given that I was expecting it to mostly be marketing for their gear. Includes another free comic on digital download.

Overall I was impressed by this box and I’m looking forward to next months, for British Geeks looking for a monthly fix I would highly recommend it.



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Review Disclosure: The Reviewer purchased a subscription for the purposes of this review.


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