I always wondered how the MGM made all of those awesome effect laden music videos.  I originally thought he was just super talented with a very creative mind, but as his recent video proves he’s just a robot (Work with me here, obviously he isn’t)!  Where does he come up with this sh*t?  Honestly, how many creative ideas can one person spit out each year?  Let alone the fact that YouTubers such as MGM put their creations out in a bi-weekly format.  It’s insane to think that the same person not only thinks up these ideas, but also executes them from beginning to end.

Man do I feel like a loser!  I can only write a few posts each day, which only get read by a small Internet audience.  These guys are making Hollywood caliber shorts 2 times a week that attract more viewers than most cable TV programs.  Some of us just don’t have the skills to pay the bills.  Anyway, check out someone who has more creative juices flowing in them than your average geek, with Mystery Guitar Man’s ‘Robot Dubstep’.  You’ve always known that there’s some little guy driving your mind inside your skull…

Robot Dubstep



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