Mystery Guitarman is a Creative Genius, Twitter Video is Epic!

I’ve posted about the Mystery Guitarman before, but it has been quite some time since I’ve featured one of his videos.  Typically, he makes amazing video shorts that usually feature some sort of musical theme.  He always uses creative ways to play certain instruments be it using common items found around the house, or filming with a green screen to add some special effects.

Well his latest video, ‘Video Twitter’, may be the most creative one he’s ever put out.  It’s not like it has some awesomely catchy tune or something, but his method for creating the video is pure imagination goodness.  Throughout the past couple of months he’s been updating his Twitter profile pic with still shots of him holding an instrument in a certain way.  Once he got all of the shots completed he put them all together to make a flip-book style video that makes his profile pic come to life; playing different instruments in perfect timing to the music accompanying the video.

Just the fact that he came up with this idea is amazing!  I really do believe that there may be more talent amongst the YouTube all-stars than all of Hollyweird put together.  Check it out below and enjoy the genius of it.  You’ve been bumming that you’ve never come up with a creative idea…

‘Video Twitter’



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