Namco Bandai’s Star Trek Game Boasts Some Great Co-op Action

The last demo of my inaugural E3 campaign just so happened to be of the new Star Trek game based on JJ Abrams’ version of the sci-fi classic.  The footage was shown to us in 3D, and it looked great.  Not once did I feel like my brain and eyes were melting into each other while watching Kirk and Spock do battle with the newly announced Gorn enemies in the third dimension.  Speaking of the Star Trek version of the dynamic duo, their reliance on each other is what I’m thinking will set this apart from other third person co-op games.

Both Kirk and Spock have specialties that are suited for certain aspects of their mission, and they need each other’s abilities to ultimately survive and progress through the game.  This is what distinguishes the co-op mode from other shooters.  Rather than both gamers going ape sh*t with their fingers on the trigger, they’ll have to rely on each other to intuitively progress to the next checkpoint.

Spock is designed to be the support character who can hold his own in a battle, but he is mainly involved in scanning the environment for Kirk and himself to learn more about their situation.  For example, to kick off the next cutscene in the game Spock had to scan a fallen Vulcan to analyze what caused his demise.  In an offensive situation I saw Spock scan one of the Gorn super bosses to find a weakness so Kirk could lay it on thick where it counts.

Kirk on the other hand is your typical brazen shooter character who shoots first and asks questions later.  He’s the combat specialist who is needed to take down some of the more powerful enemies in the game.  He’s a little more resistant to damage, as well as being able to deal more out.  During cutscenes he also served as the comic relief.

The dynamic between these two partners is a sight to behold in video game form.  We’ve seen many of their adventures together on the big screen, but Namco’s 2013 Star Trek game looks to be another great entry in the story of Star Trek’s Kirk and Spock characters.  The mysterious Gorn enemies in the game will undoubtedly provide for some difficult situations as gamers try to conquer this canon based Star Trek title that takes place in between the first Abrams’ Star Trek, and the sequel coming out in 2013.  Check it out in action below to see what we got a first hand look at while covering E3.  You’ve been thinking that this game has some serious fanboy potential…

Star Trek Game Demo E3 2012 Footage

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