From the creators that brought you the game Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam, Naoplay has announced it’s new project called MetroJoust.  With this being Naoplay’s most ambitious project to date, it is turning to the website Indiegogo to seek crowd backed funding.  After a quick viewing of the trailer, MetroJoust looks like a potentially entertaining title that will have you travelling between various urban environments earning points and completing challenges while equipped with your bike and a lance.  So check out the official press release below, watch the trailer, and then head on over and help fund this up and coming project.  You’ve been thinking bicycling could be fun again…


Naoplay launches a crowd funding campaign for MetroJoust through Indiegogo

Naoplay announces the launching of a crowd funding campaign on the famous website Indiegogo. It concerns its most ambitious project, the much awaited MetroJoust

“At the beginning of the year, we chose to put the MetroJoust project on hold. We thought that with quite a confidential fame, few fans, launching an MMO was a highly risky move.” explains Adrien Benarroche, President & CEO of Naoplay studio. “Nevertheless, we found ourselves impressed,  after we released a first trailer and a few pictures, by the feedback from several gamers, really looking forward to playing the game! On Facebook or on the forums, the most recurrent question is “When will MetroJoust be released?”.”

“MetroJoust never really left our minds. We finally decided to launch a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo as it appeared to be the best, not to say the only, way we could continue the production of the game and finally launch it” adds Christophe Bandini, Chief Production Officer of Naoplay. “We were close to the launch when we decided to stop. Our game design is complete, the corresponding database is functional and our technical architecture is ready to host the aimed devices, and even more! Though we know that to succeed, an ambitious game like MetroJoust must count on a solid fan base, from the start. That means no technical issue and smoothed interface with top level graphic rendering; or in other words: more time spent in the tests and more time given to our CG artists.”.

If the campaign is successful, Naoplay schedules the opening of the beta for the end of the year for both web and Facebook versions, with the iOS and Android versions following a few weeks later.

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MetroJoust funding campaign on Indiegogo


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