Naruto Live Action Video Showcases the Talent Found on YouTube

I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t know a damn thing about Naruto Shippuden, but I do know about watching high quality YouTube videos.  Our friends over at Under Red Alert  pointed me in the direction of a live action Naruto short they found on YouTube and suggested I check it out.  Like I said, I have no idea who, or what a f*cking Naruto Shippuden is, but this video is extremely well done, and a prime example of the quality vids that you can find on YouTube these days.  It’s amazing to think that most of these videos are done by regular geeks like you and me, and not some money fueled productions coming out of the big Hollywood studios.

If you’re into the whole Naruto thing you should definitely scope this video out, and even if you’re not it’s worth a look just to see some pretty decent choreographed fight scenes.  Check it out below.  You’ve never really gotten into the whole Manga/Anime scene, but you respect its popularity…

Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight Part 1


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