Natalie Portman is a Geek, Make That a Hot A*s Geek!

Natalie Portman has been on my radar since her days in the Star Wars Universe.  She’s hot, smart, and acted in one of the most successful geek franchises of all-time in Star Wars.  I’ve always wondered if she was nerdy in real life considering that she’s a Harvard graduate even after making millions as a teenager in the movies.  Who does that?  I can promise you if I made tons of scratch acting before my college years, there’s no shot in Hell I’d go to one of the harder schools in the World for a degree that I’ll never use while making more movies.  That’s probably why I’m sitting in my modest home typing posts that a couple hundred people read everyday versus making movies that millions will see around the World.  Such is life for those of us that take the extra step and not the extra mile.

Anyway, Ms. Portman won a Golden Globe for her turn in Black Swan, and while giving her acceptance speech she let out one of the dorkiest laughs you’ve ever heard coming out of a hot chick.  Now the folks at extended her laugh with some creative editing to make it sound even nerdier, but still, listen to her.  I was waiting for her to snort and wipe her nose with an upward palm slide a la ‘The Nerds’ style.  Honestly, Natalie Portman can laugh however the hell she wants, but it’s always fun to pick on people that have the World in the palm of their hands.  Check it out below.  You’ve been sort of turned off by her laugh…


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