So, E3 was a thing that happened recently, and I did my best to keep up with it as it was going on (and watching replays of everything at night way after they’d happened, yay). There were some things from a few companies that made me cringe in anguish and made me hate video games, and then there were some things that made me squeal like a little schoolgirl. There were some things that I was expecting to see that were just kind of verified, some things I was expecting that turned out even better than I’d hoped, and some total curveballs. Now, I just wanna reinforce, this list is totally just my own opinions, based on stuff that I like, I don’t claim that any of these things were the most popular moments at the show, and I’m sure to some people, some of these will be their worst moments or whatever. But hey, that’s why it’s called an ‘opinion’, yeah?

10) Laughing at EA

You know how sometimes you see stuff that really sucks, like a car crash or a train wreck, and you can’t help but laugh just a little? Not every little bit of EA’s press conference was bad, but I always get a kick out of watching the Madden and Fifa guys come out and sort of trip all over themselves when they try to interact with “gamers”, you know, the people that they clearly are not. EA never ceases to amaze me at how badly they seem to write and choreograph their presentations, they’re like 5th graders trying to remember the flash cards that they made for themselves the night before for their geography projects. Now, as you’ll see pretty quickly, not every part of EA sucks to me, they have published some games that I hold near and dear, but I’m not gonna try and say that they aren’t complete scum-sucking leeches on the underbelly of gaming society. They will shiv you for all the money you’ve got and I swear to god I will NEVER forgive the absolute atrocity that is the Star Wars: Battlefront season pass, that shit was one of the worst sins in gaming history.

9) Titanfall 2: Grappling Hooks and Buster Swords, ho!

Alright, enough shitting on EA, because I loved me some Titanfall, and yeah, I know it wasn’t as well-recieved by the rest of the gaming community as it was by me, but I dunno man. Giant robots and parkour and boosters and fast-paced multiplayer all sucked me right it when it came out, and now that I’ve seen what’s coming in the next game, my god am I excited. The one thing that I didn’t like, the lack of a single-player campaign, it being rectified, and they’ve already hinted towards how important the bond between pilot and titan will be. This pleases me, and no, before you call me dumb or a sucker, I am not expecting the greatest campaign ever, but I am expecting something to hold my interest while I play alone for 4-6 hours, and something that I’ll play multiple times for the sake of different difficulties. I think Titanfall 2 has the capability to have a decent stories with at least a couple characters, if not, just your titan, to get invested in, because I already dig that the new titans have their own personality and A.I. The titans were already cool, but they did feel kind of disposable, I didn’t really feel bad at all about, you know, turning them into giant, nuclear bombs that I could replace in 2 minutes.

Multiplayer, too, let’s not forget about that, I mean, it was fun and fast-paced before, but now we’e got… what? Grappling hooks? Respawn, you are truly a studio after my own heart, because if I know anything, it’s that grappling hooks make literally anything better (and yes, I AM 12). You can use it to traverse the environment, rodeo titans, get to your titan quicker, and yes, you can hook onto enemy players and grappling-hook high-speed jam your boot right in their face. God I can’t wait to do that. Also, titans have melee weapons now, and they look cool as hell. On top of those things, titans have new abilities, not just rocket launchers or whatever, but something that looked like a ground-pound and some other stuff. I’m not sure if that’s one of the core abilities, because I do know that there’s new titans now, so it would make sense that there would be more core abilities, but regardless, it looks cool. As if they needed to make titans any more badass, they’ve done it, and I’m so totally ready for this game.

8) Project Scorpio

I love my Xbox One, and for a long time, I’ve been pretty jealous about how the PS4 does look just slightly better and smoother, and how top-line gaming PCs can put out some super amazing-looking visuals. The release of the Scorpio in late 2017 looks to even the playing field, and although that means that we’ll have to shell out a good chunk of change, kind of like how we did for the Elite controller, it sounds worth it. The most powerful gaming console in history sounds pretty cool to me, running games in 4k, and hey, if the PS4k is gonna do that too, then that means that I’ll be living in a time where it is commonplace for all consoles to display in 4k resolution. I mean, come on, what a time it is to be alive, my friends. They didn’t really show anything running or any gameplay, I mean they did show something but it just looked like a regular game running on a regular Xbox One, but, if it’s a year and a half out, I don’t expect gameplay soon. I guess I can’t say too much about it, but just the fact that they talked about it so much and gave us a release date, hey, color me excited about it.

7) The Last Guardian Release Date

I don’t own a PS3 or a PS4, but I know as well as anyone that when a release date is given for a game like The Last Guardian, you pay attention, and you tune in. I have off-and-on paid attention to the game in its very long, drawn-out life cycle, I mean, at this point, they could ship out another Duke Nukem: Forever, and they’d make so much money before the first reviews get out that they could retire for 3 lifetimes. Now, I’m not saying that they will do that, because I really hope that the game ends up being what everyone wants it to be, because I have PS4 friends that are really, like, sincerely invested in the release of The Last Guardian. I’m almost completely certain that if this game gets delayed by a significant amount, or cancelled at this point, that all hell would break loose, people would die, and fire would rain from the heavens. I will say, the stuff that I saw about The Last Guardian at this E3 really does make it look like the game that everyone’s been anticipating.

6) Xbox Design Labs

I really do love my Xbox One, and I loved my Xbox 360, and all of my friends and I have been playing together for almost 10 years now, since about Halo 3. It was always a big deal that everyone had their specific armor colors that they never changed, our emblems were all the same  (our little “clan”, if you will), but with our colors, it was great. Now that we can all do that with our controllers and have that kind of team-bonding no matter what game we’re playing. Maybe that’s kind of a dumb, small reason to think that the Design Labs is that cool, but as soon as I saw that, I was so excited, I can get it in MY colors, with MY gamertag on it, I’ll play with that controller till it dissolves in my hands. I will say, having to pay like $90 dollars for it with the laser engraving is kind of poopy, but for the fact that it’s gonna be a new, first-party controller made of good, quality materials, and I think I’m willing to put the money out for it. I hope that my friends and I can all come together at the same time and get them together, because that would really just kick ass and really bring back that awesome feeling of after-school Halo 3 sessions from many years back.

5) Legend Of Zelda: A Breath of Fresh Air

I love The Legend of Zelda series, it is one of my all-time favorite game franchises of all time, I mean, I have the Hylian Crest tattoo’d on my left arm. I’ve been wanting Nintendo to go back and make another game in the vein of Twilight Princess, or Wind Waker, just another Ocarina-esque game with some new items and new places to visit and call it good. I didn’t realize how badly I wanted Breath of The Wild until I saw the gameplay trailer for it at E3 this year, my god that game looks amazing. With all the new features, new game mechanics, having armor that you can change out for different situations, different kinds of weapons, hunting and cooking food, etc. It’s like they combined the Zelda games with Monster Hunter and it had some kind of perfect baby that nobody knew that they wanted, I mean, neither I, nor any of my friends thought it was going to come out this way. I went from 0 to 100 on my hype for this game and I cannot wait to find out more about it, and if a Wii U magically appears in my room, this is definitely a game I would be pre-ordering.

4) Battlefield 1 (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Infinite Warfare is like the bad dog that got scared and bit someone, and Battlefield 1 is the owner dragging it out back to shoot it in the head. Battlefield 1 has reignited my hype for AAA first-person shooters, after so many consecutive years of modern-future combat in most games, it is so refreshing to take a step back and put a new spin on a war that’s already happened. It’s taking everything that made WWI so gritty and nasty and bringing it to gaming, it’s loud, it’s mean, it’s brutal, it’s dirty, and everything about it just looks cool. I’m excited to get into a biplane dogfight, I’m excited to fire waves of mortars onto my enemy, to run through trenches, see all the cool WWI land vehicles in action. The game is just so fun-looking and fast-paced without being over-the-top or needing jetpacks or anything like that, it reminds me a lot of CoD: World at War. Another thing that was kind of cool about the game at E3 was that they had some celebs playing there, and it was pretty amusing to see Snoop Dogg there… you know… with a fat blunt in his mouth.

3) Final Fantasy XV looks duh-mazing

FFXV quickly went from the bottom of my watch-list to being in the top 5, from everything that I saw at E3 this year. I finally realized how freaking amazing this game looks and how it looks like an adult version of Kingdom Hearts without all the Disney stuff and a lot more action. The fighting mechanics just looks so cool, the teleporting between points and enemies to speed up the battle, the boss fights are on such a grand, cool scale, and it just looks so gorgeous. Everything about this game, after watching the demo at E3 has me so super pumped, I’ve started listening to the soundtrack, the battle music, I’m actually really considering getting the collector’s edition because I love shit like that. I’m also pretty excited about having a cast of characters that doesn’t blow like in XIII, because I wanted everyone, especially Lightning to just die, I just wanted the game to end abruptly so I could have a good reason to stop playing. I’m seriously in love with FFXV at this point and I’m glad that I’ve only just started to get hyped now so that the wait isn’t so painful, and I can’t wait to play it!

2) Crash Bandicoot Remastered

I would be lying if I said that this news didn’t make me insanely jealous of all PS4 owners everywhere, I tip my hat you you, my Sony brothers, you officially have the trump card now. They didn’t even show anything about the game, no gameplay or anything, they were just like “Yeah, we’re gonna remaster the original Crash trilogy BY THE WAY ALSO HE’S GONNA BE IN SKYLANDERS PS4 EXCLUSIVE WHOOP WHOOP!” At which point people were still clapping because of the shell-shock of realizing that we’re getting our beloved orange marsupial back (if you have a PS4, damn you). It’s funny, no announcement without anything to actually see has really hit me that hard in a long time, my jaw hit the floor when they said that, after all the rumors and everything, it was really true. Crash was one of just a few franchises from my childhood that I truly did love and had a really hard time watching him just go downhill faster and faster as time went on, him and Spyro. I can honestly say that if there’s one thing that could make me buy a PS4, above Bloodborne, it would have to be this announcement, time to start saving my pennies, I suppose.

1) Dead Rising 4: Christmas in Willamette

I. Fucking. Love. Dead Rising. I, however, had all but forgotten about the fact that Dead Rising 3 set up the possibility of a sequel with its ending, and was just satisfied with how the series had done. Then, seeing Frank West back in Willamette, during Christmas (which is my favorite holiday, mind you), got me so amped, I’m not even trying to figure out how this game is supposed to work with the continuity of the story. I just know that you can get zombie catapult cars, electric riding mowers, candy cane crossbows, a suit of power armor that has like a machine gun on it, I don’t know man, I’m just so excited for this shit. All the cool new weapons, mechanics, features, co-op options, everything just has me so amped to get my hands on this game when it finally comes out this holiday season, and if there’s some kind of special edition, I’m absolutely buying it, Capcom can have all of my money for this. I can’t wait to see what kind of super funny and awesome fan-service they put in this game like the Megabuster or Megaman X’s armor and upgraded buster. Also, if we get a new Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX plus Alpha, I will absolutely squeal like a little girl in excitement, because even though not many people played that DLC, I LOVED that DLC and I hope to see more of it.

So there you have it, my top 10 moments from this years E3, it was a great show, I loved a lot of stuff that I saw, and obviously, I’ve got different taste than a lot of people. I didn’t give two shits about Skyrim: Remastered, like, really, I do not care, I already played the game once, I didn’t think that the remastered version looked staggeringly different. Like, unless you’ve got some crazy new features that are going to blow me away, I don’t care. I already played Skyrim to near 100% completion, the DLC was fucking boring and stupid and I didn’t care about it, and I’ve got plenty of other new games that aren’t re-hashed old games to play. Don’t worry though, my top 1o worst moments are coming soon, so don’t go too far.


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