NBC and Time Warner Say Flash is “Cool With Them”

Both NBC and Time Warner have told Apple to shove it when it comes to converting their video libraries to HTML5, so they’re websites will work on Apple devices.  Several sources have told the New York Post that converting all of their old content to HTML5 is just too costly, especially considering Flash works on every device except for Apple’s mobile products.  I wouldn’t say every device, but if Flash 10.1 takes off, that statement may have a little more weight to it.

Here we have some large media companies not bowing down to Lord Jobs, so what does this mean?  I’d say not a damn thing.  This may just be some gorilla chest thumping to show who has a bigger ween.  Considering CNN is iPad-ready, which is a Time Warner station, I’d say at least one of these companies are already making HTML5 concessions.  I do like that someone is challenging Apple, because Adobe needs all the help they can get in this Flash battle.

I’m still glad I went with the Droid platform, because at least I’ll have the opportunity to view Flash sites on a mobile device if I choose to.  Eat that Apple fanboys!  Bring on the hate!  You’ve been bailed out for now Flash…

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