NBC’s ‘The Event’ Is Finally Back, But Will it Stay?

In my opinion ‘The Event’ was one of the better new shows to hit the airwaves last Fall, but just like ‘Flash Forward’ the show went on a near 3 month break, which could ultimately cost the show a permanent spot in NBC’s lineup.  I don’t get why the TV Executives put new projects into hibernation only a few months after they launch.  To me it’s a great way to make consumers forget about your product, especially when it comes to prime time TV.

‘The Event’ really had a great story line going before the break, but unfortunately it was also losing ratings.  This decline perplexes me, because it makes me wonder what people want in a TV show these days.  It seems the only stuff people want to watch are crime dramas, which have saturated the market in such a way that the formula has become a main stay in American TV.  How many more shows do we really need about criminals and the people who bring them to justice?  Deep down everyone of these crime dramas are exactly the same.

They have almost no overall plot because each episode more or less wraps up its story each week, and there’s no real connection to the characters because all they do is solve crimes.  There’s no back story to these characters, so they’re basically plug and play in between each show.  How many times do you really need to see the pretend bad guy getting in trouble, only to be vindicated at the end of the show when the surprise family member ends up being the real bad guy.  This is basically the driving plot device for shows like ‘Law and Order’, ‘CSI’, ‘NCIS’ (‘NCIS: LA’ does kick a*s though), and the list could literally go on for days.

It’s for reasons like this that I can’t believe original shows like ‘Flash Forward’, and more than likely ‘The Event’ get cancelled after only 1 season on the air.  ‘The Event’ is a great show for geeks that has established an overall plot, which is who are the aliens and what are they doing here.  It doesn’t follow a formula that can be predicted each week like most shows on TV, and it even exposes new answers each week for those dummies who need them spoon fed so they stay tuned in each week (See Lost haters).  I guess what I’m getting at is that shows like ‘The Event’ leave viewers with questions to keep them interested, which is how I prefer to watch TV.  I can only see someone commit a crime and their Mom be arrested for it by the end of the episode so many times.

At least shows like ‘The Event’ try to keep you on the edge of your seat when it comes to the overall plot of the show.  Am I the only person left in the U.S. that likes to have their imagination stimulated while watching the idiot box?  Come on people, give shows like ‘The Event’ a chance!  Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the sci-fi/geek universe because it usually doesn’t focus on real world issues.  Isn’t it nice to have your mind transported to a reality that doesn’t solely focus on murder, rape, and the bleak outlook on life portrayed by most Network shows?  We live that reality everyday, so why not get away from it all and spark your imagination in a geeky way?

I hope NBC’s ‘The Event’ will make it past this year because I really do think it has potential.  Unfortunately, I’m just some turd with a blog, so I doubt the suits at NBC give a rat’s a*s about what I think.  It’s just frustrating for a geek to find a show on TV that caters to our sensibilities only to have it cancelled in its first season, because most of this country is content to only watch the same crime drama premise repeated on every Network, albeit using different show titles.

Geeks speak your minds by tuning into shows that are geared towards us!  Don’t let shows like ‘The Event’ disappear forever because most of the country is fine watching the same sh*t retread over and over under different banners.  Give ‘The Event’ a chance and tune into NBC on Mondays at 8PM!  I don’t want another ‘Law and Order: Who Gives a Sh*t Unit’ to eat up another prime time spot instead of a fresh IP.  You’ve just realized that ‘The Event’ took ‘The Cape’s’ time slot, so that’s another original show going down the sh*tter..

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