Nebraska Files For Big Ten Membership

I guess it was kind of an expected move, but Nebraska has accepted an invitation to join the Big Ten.  As a fan of the Big Ten this is great news.  Over the past few years the Big 10 has faced some scrutiny for being a weaker league compared to the SEC, or Big 12, so any additions of schools with the traditions of Nebraska are fine by me.

I’m still not totally sure why the Big 12 is seemingly dissolving, but I’m sure in one way or another it deals with cash.  They are also rumored to lose Colorado to the Pac-10 as well as Texas, Oklahoma, and a few other Big 12 schools.  I guess the Big 12 wasn’t so great after all, eh?  Something must be up to make these schools even consider jumping ship.

I wonder if the Big 10 will go to a championship game for its conference now that there may be 12 teams in the conference if the Nebraska move gets finalized?  This could spell the end for the history laden OSU v UM season finale that has been going on for the past few decades.

That would kind of blow if OSU and UM were put in the same division, but I’m sure the brains in the Big Ten have it all figured out.  The only way to hype this storied rivalry anymore is to make sure these two teams meet up every year for the conference championship game.  I can’t wait for August!  You’ve been deserted Big 12…

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