Neill Blomkamp ‘Anthem’ Prequel is Legit

Neill Blomkamp instantly became one of my favorite Directors of all-time after I watched his magical District 9 original many years ago. In fact, it’s a damn shame that movie never got a sequel, because it’s fantastically original.

Anyway, he and his OATS Studio have created a live-action prequel trailer for Anthem, and it’s just as solid as Neill’s other work. In fact, it got me even more interested in the game than the demo, or any official gameplay footage I’ve seen. I think there is potential for a full on film based on this short too. It’s just good, which isn’t the case usually with anything video game related when it comes to telling live-action stories based on them.

The video is edited as a trailer, so the narrative skips around, but it tells a tale from the world of Anthem set decades before the events of the game, which players will soon experience on February 22, 2019.

Check it out above.

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