‘Neofeud’ Illustrates Existential Issues as a Point-and-Click Adventure

Neofeud comes from Silver Spook Games, a small indie studio from Hawaii with a lot to say. Think Blade Runner meets Game of Thrones but with a dystopian cyberpunk setting. It’s a wild mixture that only truly makes sense when seen firsthand. Everything in Neofeud is handpainted, too, giving the game a unique confidence and wonder that fits almost too well with its point-and-click adventure stylings.

The year is 2033. Sentient robots are fully integrated into society, but the social evolution isn’t without its caveats. Millions of defective prototypes pour out of factories, and those who don’t end up in prison are essentially exiled to The Pile, a massive landfill that houses most every social reject in order to keep the image of humanity clean. Frankenpeople, a manmade race of people whose genetic engineering didn’t quite turn out as planned, are discarded to The Pile, as well, complicating matters even further.

You play Karl Carbon. He’s an ex-cop exiled to The Pile for disobeying an order, or, at least, he was. Now he’s a social worker working with the mentally and motivationally-challenged. It’s not long before he gets wrapped up in a conspiracy that threatens the foundation of life—that’s where you come in. From the sounds of it, life in the world of Neofeud could use some (read: a lot of) help.

Neofeud launched on Steam this week for $15, but if you buy it by September 26 you’ll slash 20% off that price (currently $11.99). Check out the trailer above, and let us know what you think of Neofeud down below!


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