Ness is Back – EarthBound Hits Nintendo’s eShop


Today is shaping up to be an amazing day for fans of some of gaming’s biggest cult hits. Nintendo announced that one of the greatest and most beloved RPGs of all time, EarthBound, will be available for purchase via the eShop.

The announcement trailer, which can be found below, shows off everything that makes EarthBound great. The game’s unforgettable music, characters, and locations are lovingly shown in a well created trailer. Nintendo’s efforts to bring one of the genre’s defining RPGs to a whole new generation of gamers surely will not go unnoticed.

For only $9.99, EarthBound can be yours on the WiiU’s virtual console. This is an unbelievable steal, considering most copies of the original SNES cart go for upwards of $150! Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer and head over to Nintendo’s eShop – this is a game very much worth your time.

Nintendo eShop – EarthBound Launch Trailer:

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