Netflix: On the Consoles You Get What You Pay For…

I came across some news today claiming that Netflix loads quicker and looks better on the Wii versus the PS3.  I haven’t demoed it on either of these systems because it works just fine on my Xbox 360, so I have no need to, but I had to check this story out.

The Xbox 360 and Microsoft always get criticized for their pay to play Xbox Live service versus the free PSN network and the clusterbang known as [slider title=”Wii friend codes.”]Don’t even ask.  At least PSN has some sort of on-line system, but Nintendo’s system for playing with buds is mind boggling.  Friend codes?  Does the idea of exchanging random codes to buddies make any sense?  It’s a freaking joke and works just like one. [/slider]  Yes, you do have to pay $50 a year to get the Gold Xbox Live package, but anyone who has used Xbox Live can confirm that it’s light years ahead of PSN and whatever the hell you want to call Nintendo’s service when it comes to on-line gaming and services.

I’ve always argued that if $50 a year is too steep you shouldn’t even be playing games in the first place.  Maybe you should be saving your money to pay for food so your kids can eat.  Netflix just so happens to be one of the on-line services that the Xbox requires you to have the [slider title=”Gold membership”]MS offers two levels of service: Silver is free yet very limited and Gold, which is the $50 a year fully loaded version.[/slider] to use.  Now the Wii and PS3 Netflix clients don’t require you to pay anything extra, but you know that tired old saying, “You get what you pay for”, well in the case of free Netflix streaming it may be relevant.

I can tell you that Netflix on the 360 loads its library almost instantly, [slider title=”streams HD content”]The Wii is the only console not to offer HD since the console is only SD.[/slider], and the movies themselves load very quickly.  It seems this isn’t the case on the other two consoles.  The video below shows the loading times of the Wii and PS3 Netflix clients.  It is meant to show the picture quality differences of the two, but I didn’t really see that.  I mainly saw how slow the client is on the Wii and PS3 versus the 360.  I’d be throwing my Wii-mote at the screen if it took that long to load some cover art.  That’s the same for the PS3.  I found the quality to be no different between the two, but like I said the loading times are horrendous.  This is reason enough to pay my $50 a year, so I can load movies in a timely manner.  I guess check it out for yourself because there is something to say for “free”.


You’ve been enlightened…

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