Netflix Releases Teaser Poster and Premiere Date for Marvel’s Luke Cage Series

The new upcoming Netflix series Luke Cage stars Mike Coulter as the titular comic book figure Luke Cage. Cage is given super strength and durability by an experiment that goes terribly wrong.. or right? Cage then becomes a hero for hire, defending anyone who needs help.

As this new super human, Cage is able to lift about 25 tons and punch through barriers as thick as a four inch steel plate. His skin is as hard as steel and his muscles and bone tissue are extremely dense. He can also withstand conventional handgun fire at a range of four feet and also cannot be cut by the sharpest of blades.

If that’s not totally cool and mind-blowing, are you even human?

The new show has a sophisticated feel with a 90’s hip-hop vibe, and it’s very forward-thinking. There will be many different musical appearances, but will also have a lot of the Marvel action along with it to make it more interesting.

Make sure you keep up with Netflix’s updates on the new show Luke Cage premiering September 30, 2016! You can check out a new poster for the show after the break.


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