Never Seen ‘The Godfather’? Watch the Entire Movie in 1 Minute!

A UK film contest has been going on that features remakes of famous movies done in 1 minute or less.  One in particular has been making its rounds about the Net, and it features the epic mob drama ‘The Godfather’.  It’s actually quite an impressive feat to take Coppola’s near 3 hour film and condense it into just 60 seconds.  The Goto Bros are the creative force that accomplished this task, and I’d think anyone that has actually watched the full version would have to agree.  The only thing missing in the one take version from the original film are the Italians themselves.

Let’s just say that this Godfather short features gangsters that seem a little more similar to the Yakuza versus the Mafia.  Either way it deserves your attention, besides who doesn’t have 1 minute to spare these days?  If you don’t, you need to get your sh*t together and slow down in life.  Check out the 1 minute ‘Godfather’ short below.  You’ve been wishing that the Star Wars prequels were done in under a minute…

‘The Godfather in One Minute and One Take’



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