After surviving all the chaos that is E3, on my last day I was fortunate enough to check out a series of titles from Perfect World Entertainment. One of those titles being the free-to-play MMORPG, Neverwinter, from Cryptic Studios. Some of you may be familiar with this epic fantasy game; seeing that it already released on both PC and Xbox One. But now, this immersive fantasy world will be coming to your PlayStation 4.

One key aspect I always look for when playing PC ports, is the fluidity of the controls. I don’t want to be able to tell that I’m playing a title that originated on the PC; I look for that seamless transition. I own a PS4, so I’m completely comfortable with the feel of a PlayStation controller. When I first picked up Neverwinter, I seemingly got the hang of things within no time. All of the controls are extremely straightforward, and accessible to virtually anyone. The game’s combat system is fun, and engaging; reminiscent to Dragon Age’s play-style (which I love). Additionally, Neverwinter didn’t seem to suffer from any sort of frame-rate issues. The game’s steady frame-rate seemed to stay consistent even during combat.


Visually, the game was nothing that blew me away. While it was nothing remarkable, I still noticed various small improvements in the lighting and texture. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Neverwinter. Playing through a quest where I set out to rescue a pet hamster, and have to slice my way through countless waves of foes just to do so, that’s enough to keep me interested, to say the least. One thing I’ve noticed with RPG’s is that developers seem to get hung up on the complexity of the game, and try too hard to “make a statement”, it seems. When I pick up a similar game, I strive to lose myself and have fun. Quite honestly, I was able to do that with Neverwinter. I had stopped looking at it from a critical standpoint, and was simply having fun with what I was playing.

I, for one, will be getting this game.

As far as a release date goes, Neverwinter is scheduled to launch on the PS4 sometime this summer.


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