New Avatar Sequels to Begin Filming at Manhattan Beach, CA

A source of mine has filled me in on some details about James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ sequels, which should begin filming this fall.  It seems that issues stemming from the unfortunate disaster in Japan have caused the director to cancel the Mariana trench shoots he had planned for the ‘Avatar’ sequels.  This is mainly because the film’s insurers wouldn’t agree to fund the project if James continued to want to film in the deepest location on Earth.  Now it looks like his production has moved to the good ol’ USA, because parts of the sequels will be filmed on location at California’s Manhattan Beach, as well as other exotic looking locations from around the World.

Damn Earthquakes Ruin Everything

So what do you think these locations mean for the plot of the ‘Avatar’ sequels?  Do you think the focus will move from the jungle setting to a beach like venue?  Maybe the Na’vi are going to take on off-shore drilling on Pandora just like they did with the miners from the first film?  Who knows, but I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be getting to see a whole new side to the planet of Pandora once these sequels get shipped to theaters in the next couple of years.  Stay tuned for more details as they evolve.  You’ve been wanting to snorkel with that banging Na’vi chick from the first movie…


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